Ministry Blueprints works with dioceses, parishes, and school communities to create a culture of contagious, practical hospitality through consultation, workshops, webinars, experiential learning, and online resources.

Ministry Blueprints is dedicated to training, equipping, and empowering parish leaders and ministers to create warm and welcoming environments for those they serve. 

We believe that hospitality matters. It is not the work of a committee or single person, but a learned charism meant for everyone in the faith community. It is something practiced and lived by all, for the sake of sharing joy, building community, and growing faith.

Hospitality is also lavish, abundant, and beautiful! Ministry Blueprints believes that generosity is how to attract and open hearts to hear the invitation and know Jesus. In everything that we do, we aim to make it beautiful, joyful, positive, effective, and long-lasting.


Jane Angha

Jane is the founder and dreamer behind Ministry Blueprints - it's no mistake that her top strength is Futuristic! With years of director, coordinator, and mentorship experience in parish, diocesan, and non-profit ministry, she brings to the work of hospitality a broad knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of faith communities.

Jane holds a BS in Education and a Master of Theology. She is a national conference speaker and moderator, retreat leader, writing contributor for LPI's Vibrant Parish Toolkit and other publications, and currently a consultant to young adult ministry for the Diocese of Green Bay. She is a wife and mother to three globe-trotting children who still prefer her home cooking.



Lisa Bierer
Research \ Creative Content

Lisa is co-creator of the Ministry Blueprints vision. She is a professional artist immersed in the liturgical life of her home parish and community in southern Minnesota. Most of the original artwork you see on our website is by Lisa. She is a recipient of multiple artist grants and receives regular commissions for her liturgical installations. 

Lisa keeps the creative content of Ministry Blueprints original and on the cutting edge through her love of beauty, reading, and research. She is spurred by her top strength, Ideation! Lisa is married to a music educator and is mother to four children who share their parent's love of music, art, and tasty food.



Mairin Bierer                Managing Editor

Mairin takes care of all the words you see and read in our products and publications, keeping everything ship-shape! She co-manages our website and shop and sends out emails when something amazing is happening at Ministry Blueprints. Her experience as a missionary working in youth and music ministry, in Catholic publishing, and with many non-profit organizations gave her a diverse perspective of the wider Church family.

Mairin holds a BA in Art History with a Music minor. Her love of art history, writing, music-making, painting, and baking keeps her inspired for the work of radical hospitality!


Heather Bierer
Web content editor and graphic Design

Heather oversees our website, social media, and outgoing marketing materials. She translates our ideas into the actual layout and design of our products. Heather comes to Ministry Blueprints with a vast background in communications, photography, and print production. Her vision and practical knowledge of marketing and design are a huge blessing to us!

A wife and mother of two boys, Heather holds a BS in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Photojournalism. She is passionate about sharing her faith through the building of close relationships and community.